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We all know that there are many, many blogs out there, on almost every subject. We have to make choices which blogs to read, and which to ignore. So I thought it would be helpful to explain, before I start publishing blogs, what the focus of these blogs will be. 

You will see from my profile and from the website that my background has been in mentoring since 2001, coaching since 2007 and coach training since 2012. I started this work in the education sector, and still continue to work in schools, both as a coach and a trainer 

There are plenty of things that interest me in the coaching world. Of course, the main thing is the nuts and bolts of coaching  the skills coaches need, the coaching structures, the challenges that we all face as coaches 

On top of this, I am very interested in how coaching works in practice. How organisations embed coaching in their everyday activities, and the extent to which this works well – or doesn’t 

I am intensely fascinated, and quite frustrated with the whole “grow your coaching business” topic. It is clear that this is a very challenging area for many coaches – once they qualify only a small proportion of coaches become commercially successful 

As I have an educational background, I am also interested in how coaching is deployed in the education sector, in both positive and negative ways 

And finally, as all coaches are, I’m interested in our motivations, drivers and general behaviour as human beings 

All of these will make up the categories for blog topics. The aim is to provide something of use to people who are currently coaches, who are purchasers of coaching, or who are interested in becoming coaches. The categories that you will see – and how the blogs will be indexed on our website – will be: 

  • Coaching skills 
  • Embedding coaching in organisations 
  • Growing your coaching business 
  • The coaching industry 
  • Coaching in the education sector 
  • Understanding people – for coaches 

You may find that one or two areas are more of interest to you than others, and you may be looking forward to those blogs more keenly than others! That’s fine – read the ones that you want, and ignore those that stimulate you less. To make this process a bit more intuitive, I’ll be adding summaries at the beginning of each blog, similar to this one: 

In today’s blog post 

  • Main topic: (what the blog is about) 
  • Additional information: (downloadable files, recommendations and more) 

And if there are topics that you would enjoy reading about, feel free to drop me a note at charlie@hollyc55.sg-host.com and I’ll be happy to write about them – if I know anything on the subject! 

Enjoy the blogs, and happy coaching! 


If you were stimulated by this article and want to know more about how to use coaching for your career, your organisation or your life generally, then get in contact. Email us at charlie@loveyourcoaching.com or book in a time for a 30-minute phone or Zoom call https://loveyourcoaching.10to8.com  

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Charlie Warshawski is a leadership coach and coach trainer. He runs an accredited coach training organisation, Love Your Coaching, offering coaching qualifications. In his coaching, he works 1:1 with leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, supporting them on topics that are both professional and personal – according to their needs 

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