Venue essentials


What is important about venues for us?

Most training is hard work, if it is done well. And coach training is especially hard! Our style of active, participant led training means that we have long days, with great progress but also with a great use of our energy.

So we ensure that our venues are suitable for the needs of all our learners.

We do change venues from time to time, and are currently using a couple of different ones in the SW London/Surrey areas


Our standard with our venues

  • Easy access by car and public transport
  • Spacious rooms with natural daylight
  • Good quality food and refreshments
  • The possibility of some outside space (sometimes we like to walk and coach)
  • Accessible for people with access needs

As we don’t use PowerPoints, we don’t need to go to a darkened conference room with all daylight blocked out, and windows shut – this is not a great learning environment

Venue costs are included as part of the rate you pay for your ILM programme


In company programme venues

When contracting with an organisation to deliver ILM training for their teams, we suggest that, if you have suitable premises, that they be used for training. This keeps your costs down, and means that it is us who has to travel, rather than you
At the time of confirming arrangements for your in-company training, we will discuss rooming requirements, which will be similar to the list above

For many, the venue and the environment make a significant difference to how we learn. So, we look to have a venue that works well, provides the comforts and caters to our needs, whilst still keeping an eye on the costs for you