ILM level 5 certificate in coaching. In company course – non-commercial sector


A value for money approach.

We have a pricing strategy so that, whether you have the minimum of 6 or the maximum of 10 people on the programme, you’ll receive great value for money.

And the prices below will be reduced by 10% if this programme runs on a webinar basis.

6 candidates £1,875 + VAT per candidate, plus £154 (no VAT) ILM registration fees

Total cost £14,674 (inc. VAT £2,500)

Further candidates Additional £500 + VAT per candidate up to a maximum of 10 (to cover costs of venue, assessment, marking, 1:1 tutorial support outside of training room days)
Total cost for 8 candidates Total cost £16,532  (inc. VAT £2,550)
Total cost for 10 candidates Total cost £18,640 (inc. VAT £2,850)