Make time for coaching

For the benefit of everyone in your school

Engage with education specialist coaches and see the impact it has for you and your school

Our other programmes are designed to increase your capacity by teaching people to coach and to use coaching in a variety of ways.

Our coaching offer is different. It gives teachers and leaders to have the opportunity to be coached well and to benefit from this experience.

We have a range of offers to suit school staff and leaders at all levels of leadership.

We have a network of experienced, qualified education specialist coaches, ready and willing to provide coaching for you and your colleagues.

Who is this for?

Everyone can benefit from coaching, of course. And in education, we find that the people who engage in it most strongly are:

What is it?

At its heart, coaching is a series of connected conversations between two people, the coach and the coachee.

The coachee chooses the topics to work on. These can be challenges or obstacles. Or they can be strengths or opportunities. The coachee always chooses the topic.

The conversations are led by the coachee, with the coach listening carefully, asking skilful questions, creating space, and also challenging respectfully.

This tends to lead to the coachee having new insights and learning and committing to some action.

There are a number of different approaches to coaching that we offer

All of our coaching can be provided face to face (if your coach and you are in the same region), or remotely. We have been providing video coaching since 2010 (and on the phone before that) so are comfortable with the approach and see many benefits of working this way.

“I wasn’t initially clear about what I wanted to achieve in my coaching. Ceri helped me to go deeper, used excellent levels of respectful challenge, and helped me to go further. The thinking time was precious and unique. I needed, from my coach, the combination of warmth and assertiveness that she showed. I am confident as a head, and yet the coaching has helped me to develop my professional practice even further.”

Christian Pritchard

Headmaster, Beachborough Prep School

“I had a year’s worth of coaching that started in the pandemic and continued through that tough year. It was a bit of a lifeline. I already knew Charlie as he had done some work in our school, but I hadn’t experienced coaching before. It was incredibly useful. I had the time, space and focus to be able to work out some thorny topics. I brought things to do with my leadership, and also some long term planning.

I’ve realised through coaching that when people are empowered to become solution-focused, they aren’t just solving their problems, they’re learning that they’re worthy of growth and change for the better. I’ve seen that when coaching becomes a culture at a work place it can be transformational and I strongly believe that everyone deserves to receive coaching periodically.”

Michelle Ip

vice principle, YK Pao School, Shanghai