Coaching – advance your headship or leadership

Who is this for?

This coaching support is for head teachers and senior leaders, whether they are new in post or more experienced heads/leaders.

Why coaching for this group?

Most leaders report that there are times when they receive plenty of support from their peers and managers. And plenty of times when they don’t. This coaching is designed to support heads and SLT members at the time that they aren’t receiving much support.

For all heads and leaders, we offer a choice of two programmes. Both of them will start with an initial contracting and planning session, to explore their goals and their approach to coaching. This will be followed by…

Short-term programme

3 x 60 minute coaching sessions, working through the topics, using a non-directive coaching approach.

Long-term programme

6 x 60 minute coaching sessions, working through the topics, using a non-directive coaching approach.

In both cases, you have plenty of time to explore, consider, review and develop your own thinking, to support you in your crucial leadership role.

The coach will work to your timescale, within the recommendation of having a session every 2-4 weeks.

This coaching will take place online, to maximise the time available.

We often find that leaders prefer to have their coaching sessions after the school day has ended, so that they are available during the day for colleagues. We are happy to accommodate this.

Often the benefits reported by leaders include:

I had a year’s worth of coaching that started in the pandemic and continued through that tough year. It was a bit of a lifeline. I already knew Charlie as he had done some work in our school, but I hadn’t experienced coaching before. It was incredibly useful. I had the time, space and focus to be able to work out some thorny topics. I brought things to do with my leadership, and also some long term planning.

I’ve realised through coaching that when people are empowered to become solution-focused, they aren’t just solving their problems, they’re learning that they’re worthy of growth and change for the better. I’ve seen that when coaching becomes a culture at a work place it can be transformational and I strongly believe that everyone deserves to receive coaching periodically. 


vice principle, YK Pao School, Shanghai


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