Our origins

LYCIE evolved from LYC – a coaching qualification centre that operates in all sectors. At LYCIE we are all education professionals, and we all have at least two coaching qualifications. And we are all keen to continue our mission to have a positive impact in schools, colleges and universities.

Our beliefs

What unites our team, and the schools we work with, is our shared vision in the healthy, limitless potential of the individual.

Whether that be a struggling student, a high achieving middle leader, or a stressed head of school.

Everybody has the capacity to change, grow, develop and improve.

And coaching is the way that we choose to support people.

We have, like every coaching organisation, done our values work! And the key words that came out of that activity, such as nurture, support, kindness, quality, are all good, but they need to be made practical.

So we have turned our value words into statements of intent:

These statements all apply whether you are engaging with us to receive coaching, or training with us to be a coach.

Both activities can be hugely rewarding, but also have elements of challenge, uncertainty and stretch.

We truly appreciate the commitment of everyone who engages in coaching or coach training, and do everything we can to support you, every step of the way.

Meet the team

Everyone in our team has these attributes: