Love your coaching in education


Use coaching to support achievement, wellbeing and professional progression

Is your school/college supporting the potential of students, staff and leaders?

Is coaching being used effectively to support both wellbeing and high standards?

Are there trained and skilled coaches throughout your school, providing high quality coaching?

At Love Your Coaching in Education, our mission is to support schools and colleges to use coaching effectively, for the wellbeing of all:

We do this in three complementary ways:

Our coaching skills training programmes

Our 1:1 and team coaching for school staff and leaders

Our consultancy for creating a coaching culture

And our coach training for parents programmes

Our definition of coaching in education is:

“Structured conversations between a skilled coach and a willing coachee, on a topic of the coachee’s choice. Using careful listening, powerful questions and gentle challenges. Helping the coachee to raise their awareness, move to new solutions and commit to sustainable change.”

Coaching is not the same as mentoring! In coaching, apart from emergencies, there is no place for advice, judgement or leading questions.

As well as standard coaching, we also have an instructional coaching model, which combines the best of non-directive coaching, and support to develop best practice in teaching. 

Download the case study below to learn how IAPS has used coach training and coaching for hundreds of school leaders.

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Love Your Coaching

Gain advanced coaching skills and credibility, take the next step and turn your coaching skills into a successful business and create a coaching culture in your organisation to maximise the impact of your people.