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About our work…

Quite simply, we believe that coaching wants to be used, be useful and be accessible. So we offer three core programmes that allow these things to happen. They are:

  • Coaching qualifications courses, both as in-company and open courses, to get you a credible ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) qualification
  • Create a coaching culture
  • The sustainable coach – to grow your coaching business – a FREE programme to give you the best chance of turning your coaching skills into a sustainable business

ILM coaching qualifications courses

There are thousands of coaches in the UK, many of whom have qualifications, and many more who don’t. Coaches who choose to get qualified want to see a return on their investment, and a benefit from all their hard work. So we are an approved centre for the Institute of Leadership and Management, and deliver their accredited coaching qualifications.

They are well respected and recognised, in the commercial and public sectors, and allow our qualified coaches to access more coaching opportunities. Although they are a standard qualification, we are allowed to tailor them to the needs of our learners, and to deliver the courses in the way that we know works best for successful learning

Coaching qualification courses that we offer:


ILM level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring


ILM level 7 certificate in executive coaching and mentoring

The courses are a combination of training room days, home study and working on assignments. We offer them as open courses, where individuals can book themselves on, and in-company courses where we work with small groups who work for the same company.

Case study – The Portsmouth Grammar Junior School

The headteacher of this school was committed to coaching, and wanted to engage in it fully. First step – he enrolled on our ILM level 7 course and studied to be an executive coach. The programme took him 6 months to complete, after which he was coaching at a high level.

He then moved to have us help train his leadership team as coaches, so that the whole organisation has some coaching capacityThe head, Peter Hopkinson, now uses coaching as his main approach to supporting staff development and school improvement. He meets regularly with his team members, and the conversations are coaching in style. He has seen a significant impact, both in how he works with his team and in their capacity to work out their own solutions.

The process was challenging but ultimately rewarding and enjoyable, and I now feel able to accelerate the coaching process within my school and to enable others to use coaching to optimise professional dialogue. Coaching empowers colleagues to make positive, impactful decisions and to feel fully part of the school improvement process
Peter Hopkinson, Headmaster, Portsmouth Grammar Junior School

Grow your coaching business

What comes next after getting qualified as a coach? For those who are embarking on a career as a self employed coach, it’s time to set up a business. And this is where it starts to go wrong for many coaches. Either they don’t have the time, skills or resources to do all that “other stuff” that is needed to help them learn how to do this. Or they have to spend lots of money by doing further training, engaging with marketing experts and the like

Charlie and the team have taken their experience in running successful coaching businesses, and are offering a comprehensive, end to end package that covers everything that a coach needs to know to make their business successful. Yes, everything! Sales, marketing, pricing (the thing that no one wants to talk about), as well as finances, admin, and the big picture questions of vision, values, niches

And….. it’s all free!

Why – because we believe that coaches have already invested enough to get themselves qualified, so they should be able to access some high quality material without any further outlay. And because so much that is out there for coaches isn’t clear, or comprehensive, we wanted to bring together a comprehensive package

Create a coaching culture

Coaches who take their qualifications and remain employed are keen to not only coach at work, but make their workplace a coaching friendly environment. This is as true for small organisations as it is for multi nationals.

And often, organisations don’t have a clear strategy of how to get from their current stage, to a stage when coaching is being used regularly, openly, and usefully for the benefit of employees and the organisation itself

This is where our creating a coaching culture programme comes in. With a combination of interviews, meetings and consultancy, we are well placed to establish where your organisation is at in terms of being “coaching ready” and to identify what the next steps are

This has been a hugely useful programme. I’ve been able to work out everything I need to do, and now am up and running. The packaging was particularly useful – I sold my first one even before the programme finished
Sarah Thornton, executive and life coach sarah-thornton
This programme exceeded my objectives. I now realise the impact coaching has on people. I still have coachees stop me in the corridor now – it is a constant reminder of what has been achieved and what can be achieved. One coachee obtained a promotion, and another got a new job. The assignment process challenged me, in a positive way. It has been a long time since I have written an essay! The support has been invaluable – you have always been available, and all the reviews were incredibly helpful
Nicola Palmer, Head of corporate systems, Eurostar