ILM level 7 certificate in executive coaching and mentoring

The flagship coaching qualification for people who are already experienced as coaches, or who are using a coaching approach in their leadership style

It’s 2022 and thousands of people in the UK work as coaches…. but only a proportion of them have a coaching qualification.

Why does this matter? With an advanced coaching qualification, you can:

  • Demonstrate that your coaching has been assessed to be at a high level
  • Feel confident that you can coach senior people with challenging issues
  • Stand out as someone who has invested in their skills and their professional development

Coaches who undertake ILM qualifications get good career progression opportunities, get onto “approved coach” lists, build sustainable coaching client lists. They do this, and you will be able to as well.

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This programme exceeded my objectives. I now realise the impact coaching has on people. I still have coachees stop me in the corridor now – it is a constant reminder of what has been achieved and what can be achieved. One coachee obtained a promotion, and another got a new job.

The assignment process challenged me, in a positive way. It has been a long time since I have written an essay! The support has been invaluable – you have always been available, and all the reviews were incredibly helpful.

Nicola Palmer, Head of corporate systems, Eurostar

In many ways the two types of courses are similar. In both you’ll learn the skills and processes to be able to coach well. The main two differences are

  • you have to demonstrate that you are coaching at a level 7 standard, and pass an assessment of your coaching to show you are coaching at this level
  • you have to complete coursework to pass your ILM qualification

Clients who book you to coach them can be reassured that you have gone through a rigorous process and have got yourself to a good level of coaching.

Qualification levels for vocational training are set by the national regulator Ofqual. They classify level 7 as beign equivalent to a postgraduate qualification. That means the quality of the assignments to be completed need to be at this level, and the level of the training materials also needs to be pitched at this postgraduate level

This course is highly practical, with plenty of opportunities to practice coaching skills and have coaching conversations. Key features of the courses include:

  • 3 x 2 day training sessions, with a month between each block of 2 days
  • Small group sizes (max 8 people)
  • Regular practice and feedback sessions during the training days
  • Comprehensive resources to help you through the qualification
  • Support between sessions, and right up until the time that you pass the qualification
  • Individual focus on the learner, with the course tailored to the needs of each group

Clearly, the first and most important thing you’ll get is a qualification, backed up with the skills and experience of having learnt to be a high quality coach – one of the best around

And there are other benefits, including

  • Learning how to deliver standard coach training to new coaches
  • Being able to write about and articulate clearly the benefits of coaching for individuals and organisations
  • Deepen your understanding of human behaviour and raise your own awareness, to support you in coaching and elsewhere
  Level 7 certificate in executive coaching and mentoring
Course length 6 training room days ( 3 x 2 day blocks with a month separating them

Skype tutorials and 1:1 calls between training days

Qualification requirements Coaching assessment

1 x 5000-word essay: coaching in a strategic context

20 hours coaching practice and reflection

1 x 2000-word diary – reflections on your coaching skills

Home study requirements Up to 120 hours

Good question! It’s a bit of a minefield, and one we’ve given lots of thought to before deciding the ILM is the qualification to offer. Read our blog on this topic for more details

What’s next after I take the qualification

We offer two options to take your coaching further:


The sustainable coach

to help you turn your coaching skills into a profitable business


Embed coaching in your

to maximise the impact of your coaching skills by creating a coaching culture in your organisation

Where can I find more information?

You can do one of four things:


Read our FAQs for ILM programmes



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