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Of the thousands of people who train and qualify as coaches, only a small proportion go on to turn their skills into a sustainable form of income. Others struggle or give up and return to their day jobs.

This may sound like a reason for you to not train to be a coach! Pretty strange message for us to be offering.

The truth that other coach training companies don’t mention

Have a look at the websites of other coach training companies, and see if they mention the fact that it’s hard to establish a successful coaching business. If you find any who say that, we’ll give you a free coaching session!

It’s time for the coaching industry to be clear – it takes time, energy, effort and expertise to turn your newly learnt skill into a successful business. Luckily, the expertise needed is something that you can definitely learn.

The Sustainable Coach – free support to grow your business

How does this programme work?

All leading to you completing the work and getting your business running and thriving.

We provide everything that is necessary for you to run a coaching business.

Our programme includes:

In short, everything you need to build on your coaching qualification, and turn it into a successful business.

Fast track the growth of your coaching business

The Sustainable Coach gives you all the tools and resources to plan, organise and manage your coaching business.  And making it free means that every coach has the opportunity to access it.

For those who want to go quicker, fast track their business, and receive 1:1 and group support, we offer The Sustainable Coach – Fast Track.

You will receive all of the Sustainable Coach resources. And in addition, you will have:

The Sustainable Coach Fast Track gives you the best chance of growing your coaching business organically, sustainably, and relatively quickly.

The Sustainable Coach - Fast Track.

How does this programme work?

There are four elements to this programme:

“Whatever stage you’re at, this group and programme can help you. Charlie is the real deal. A genuine guy who knows his onions and is sincerely interested in helping others be better coaches. His no fuss, no fluff approach helped me in turn to get clearer – in real language – about who I am, who I want to help and how to get clients. I’m a lot further forward than when I started the programme and joined Charlie’s group. I would wholeheartedly recommend Charlie as a coach, and as someone who wants to help you develop.
The resources were really in depth and robust. Charlie is really accessible and happy to have a chat. There really is no downside to joining this group and taking part in the programme. Thanks Charlie!”

Claire Pearce

Writing Coach

“As a Coach of three years experience, I have really enjoyed working with and learning from Charlie . He makes daunting tasks become achievable and demystified, and is exceptionally generous with his time and knowledge. Thanks Charlie!”

Paul Austin

Executive Coach

Cost of The Sustainable Coach

Free to any coach who applies. We want coaches to access these resources, and save themselves the time and expense of going on marketing and business growth courses.

Cost of The Sustainable Coach Fast Track.

£1,495 + VAT

We have kept this pricing low so that coaches can still access the programme for less than the cost of most coach training programmes.

And a money back guarantee?!

If you don’t earn as much from coaching as the cost of the programme 6 months after you have completed it, then we’ll refund your programme costs.

We observe that many companies are trying to make lots of money from coaches, overpromising and overcharging for their programmes. We want to be able to offer a high quality service at a reasonable price, and the money back guarantee gives that reassurance.

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