FAQs ILM coaching programmes

How do you differ from other ILM level 7 providers?

Other providers may offer some of these features, but we believe the full list is unique to us:

  • The trainers earn their living from both coaching and training, and are specialists in both areas
  • Small group sizes – maximum of 8 people for Level 7 and 10 people for level 5
  • Highly practical focus – practising the skills needed to be able to coach well
  • We don’t teach generic coaching models like GROW, but several our own coaching processes that encourage transformational thinking
  • We remain supportive and available for everyone all the way through to submission of the assignments
  • Although the ILM doesn’t explicitly call for it, we assess you on the quality of your coaching, and give you a pass mark when you have reached the standard needed to be a high quality executive coach
  • We help to find people for you to practice your coaching with

I haven’t done any study since school – does this matter?

As this is an academic qualification, there are written coursework requirements, including essays. We understand that many people haven’t written these types of essays for a long time, if ever, so we offer lots of support, both 1:1 and in groups, to make sure that everyone is comfortable completing the assignments. We give specific training on how to write and structure the essays, provide templates to use, and resources to draw on

If this is an academic qualification, does that mean that the training days are very theoretical?

We do use some of the training room time for study, but this is a small part of the training days. Coaching is a practical skill, and we devote most of our time to practising the various aspects of coaching

I have a busy life – how much time do I need to set aside for study?

The ILM has a system called “guided learning hours” which is an expectation that you will do some home study. For the level 7 certificate it is 90 hours. So, some time is needed, for reading, practice coaching sessions and for completing the assignments

What are the timescales for completing the ILM qualification, and is there any flexibility in deadlines?

We set out a specific timetable for when each assignment is to be completed. The intention is for all assignments to be completed within 6 months of the final training day. This is a manageable deadline if regular time is given to the assignments.
There is flexibility to extend to a certain degree, in extenuating circumstances. We appreciate that people are busy and have commitments, and have experimented with more open deadlines, but overwhelming feedback has been to ask us to provide quite a tight deadline

What percentage of your candidates pass the qualification?

The ILM allows us as providers to receive draft submissions of coursework, to mark it and ask for redrafts and amendments. We don’t submit the final coursework of any candidate to the ILM until we are happy that it has reached a pass level. So, all our candidates do pass, but some have interim fails/redrafting requirements

How do you select candidates for this course?

The entry criteria for a level 7 course is outlined on the level 7 page of the website. When people apply to sign up for this course, they do a quiz, and have a telephone interview to ensure that they are at the right standard for the level 7 course. If they are, we sign them up for it, and if not, we sign them up for the level 5 course

What are the payment terms?

We ask for payment in two batches. 50% prior to training day 1, and 50% prior to training day 3

I want to use this qualification to launch my own coaching business. Does this course help?

It helps in two ways: you learn to become a high-quality coach; and the assignments give you lots of information about introducing coaching into organisations. But there is not a specific “launch a coaching business” aspect to this course, as time doesn’t allow for it. We do run a free programme for people who are keen to start a coaching business – see the sustainable coach programme on the website for more details

Who should I use for my coaching practice?

The ILM is keen that you coach senior people (people with leadership/team/budget responsibilities). We suggest that you coach people both inside and outside of your organisation, to give you the variety. Avoid close friends or partners! We provide advice on how to find coachees, and we can also allocate you people to coach if you struggle to find them yourself

What resources do you provide?

Our resource bank is extensive! We provide everything that you need to complete the assignments; an answer book with templates and instructions; articles and papers; a reading and resource list. These are all in a OneDrive folder that is kept up to date

What benefits do I get from my ILM membership?

Whilst you are studying, you can access the ILM’s resource bank for even more materials. You can also use the ILM logo on your marketing material. And once you pass the qualification, you can choose to continue your membership year by year, or to let it lapse and just have your ILM qualification speak for itself!