Developing Your Coaching Business FAQs

The sustainable coach FAQs

This is a free course – so how does it work?

Sign up to the programme, and you’ll receive the whole programme on a week by week basis. Each week you will be emailed documents relating to the current theme. There will be things to read and things to do

Do I work with any other students?

We don’t coordinate things so that people work together, as this is a purely online programme. But as it is free, we do encourage you to sign on with someone else, so that you know someone else who is going through the programme. You can then share resources with them, and carry out the activities as pairs discussions as an alternative to solo writing

What resources do I get?

There is a comprehensive resource bank available to you, that will be emailed each fortnight. The resources are categorised as:

  • Background reading and information
  • Exercises and activity documents to work through
  • Tools and templates that you can use in your business

Will the course cover coaching skills?

The focus of this course is not coaching skills, but business growth. We encourage you to only sign up for it once you are happy with your level of coaching. If you are still working on your coaching skills (as we all are!), then we can offer other programmes, including our qualification courses and our coaching supervision programmes

I hate sales – can I still do the course?

The biggest obstacle to growing a coaching business is the lack of a sales process and strategy. So you won’t be on your own here!

We share not only strategies, but systems and skills to get you best prepared for those sales conversations. Not the old school, foot in the door type of sales, but something sustainable, based on relationships, that the reluctant salesperson will feel comfortable with

Will I definitely get clients from doing this course?

This is your best way to get clients! The coaching industry is full of promises, hype and false guarantees. No one can give you a 100% assurance that you will get clients. Our experience and history shows that engaging in our comprehensive process puts you in the best place to earn a living from coaching

Do I have to earn all my living from coaching?

Good question! Many successful coaches have hybrid careers, earning some of their income from coaching and some from other sources. We explore the range of alternatives that are open to you, that will supplement your coaching income and will also support your development as a coach

Do you have any case studies or examples of people who have grown their coaching business successfully?

We have carried out extensive research to see what successful coaches are doing, as well as having case studies of people who have learnt with us and are now running successful coaching businesses

How much work will I have to do between sessions?

There will be tasks to complete between each session, and it is helpful to keep up to date as each session builds on the last one. However, you don’t have to complete all the tasks fully. For example, you may start the task of “working out the company name” but then want to walk round with it in your head for a few months before making a final decision. Sometimes the following week’s activities build on the previous week, so you’ll need to complete week x before moving one to week y. But remember that you can go at your own pace

Are there opportunities to receive feedback or to discuss things we don’t understand?

If there is something on the programme that is unclear to you, then do drop us a note at and we’ll help you out. If you want to have some more active support, we do offer a mentoring service (outlined on the Sustainable Coach page of the website)

What other programmes do you run that support growing a coaching business?

We find that coaches can benefit from learning a number of other skills that are outside of the reach of this programme. The two programmes that we offer in addition to the sustainable coach are:

  • Public speaking skills for coaches
  • Brain friendly training skills for coaches

Both are run as 1-day courses, open to enrolees on The Sustainable Coach. Ask for more details


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