Practicalities for our open and in-company programmes

Ready to book? Below are the details for all of our current programmes for new and experienced coaches

Open courses

We have taken a decision to only offer our open programmes as a webinar version. Having delivered both online and classroom programmes over the years, we see significant benefits from running webinar programmes. These include: 

Since 2020 we have trained nearly 200 people online on our ILM programmes. And we see no difference in the quality of the experience, or in the outcomes. People are completing the online courses and becoming just as skilled coaches as those who had their training in face to face training.

In company programme venues

For organisations to looking to do ILM training with us, we suggest that, if you have suitable premises, that they be used for training. This keeps your costs down, and means that it is us who have to travel, rather than you.

At the time of confirming arrangements for your in-company training, we will discuss rooming requirements, which will be similar to the list above.

For many, the venue and the environment make a significant difference to how we learn. So, we look to have a venue that works well, provides the comforts and caters to our needs, whilst still keeping an eye on the costs for you.

And online venues!

Most of our programmes are available online, including for in-company bookings. Benefits include:

We make sure our online training is every bit as engaging and participative as face to face training. So you can be assured of a positive and rich learning experience.