Transform your coaching skills into a sustainable source of income

Comprehensive information, all the resources and templates you’ll need to make your business successful. AND ALL FOR FREE FOR ALL QUALIFIED COACHES NOW.

Once you know how to coach, it’s easy to set up a successful coaching business. Right? No!

Of the thousands of people who train and qualify as coaches, only a small proportion go on to turn their skills into a sustainable form of income. Others struggle or give up and return to their day jobs.

This may sound like a reason for you to not train to be a coach! Pretty strange message for us to be offering.

The truth that other coach training companies don’t mention

Have a look at the websites of other coach training companies, and see if they mention the fact that “it’s hard to establish a successful coaching business”. If you find any who say that, we’ll give you a free coaching session!

It’s time for the coaching industry to be clear – it takes time, energy, effort and expertise to turn your newly learnt skill into a successful business. Luckily, the expertise needed is something that you can definitely learn.

Download our flyer which has a detailed overview of the programme and what to expect

The sustainable coach

We provide everything that is necessary for you to run a coaching business. Our programme includes:

  • How to design coaching services and packages, and how to price them
  • Finding clear routes to market, and having successful sales conversations
  • Developing a brand style and creating the right resources
  • Linking your values to your services
  • Establishing and maintaining your visible credibility as a coach, and standing out from the crowd
  • How to use both digital and face to face marketing activities in a productive and sustainable way
  • Understanding which types of services, you should buy in, and which you can learn to do yourself
  • All the infrastructure and administrative tasks and decisions needed for the business

In short, everything you need to build on your coaching qualification, and turn it into a successful business

Programme structure

The sustainable coach programme is a comprehensive resource bank providing:

  • Documents and slides to explain each key concept
  • Activities for you to do alone or in pairs, to start building your business
  • Templates that you can adapt for your coaching company and take to market
  • Comprehensive resource bank, including interviews, template documentation and background reading

Typically, it takes between one and two years to establish a coaching business from a standing start. The first step generally is to learn the skills to coach well, and to get your qualification. Then comes the time to learn how to set up your coaching business. We encourage people to do it in that order, so that you have the coaching skills established before you start thinking about growing the business.

Quite frankly, people who have trained to be coaches have already spent enough money, without having to commit to spending more to get their business going. Enough is enough

Also, there are plenty of organisations who are charging high fees for their “guaranteed success” programmes that may work (or may not) and we want to provide a no/low cost option

Finally, much of what is offered for coaches to grow their business isn’t comprehensive, but only focusses on one aspect (new products or marketing or sales etc), and we want to offer something that is a one stop shop for all your needs

So, for a limited time we are offering this programme for FREE to anyone who has a coaching qualification (with us or another provider) . And if and when we do put a charge on this programme, it will always be a modest one!

Some people will be very happy to work through the full programme that we provide and get themselves ready for success. And others may prefer some personalised support, where they can discuss their goals, get feedback on their activities and specific guidance to next steps.

If that is you, then we have a mentoring package (by mentoring we mean, mostly coaching, but with a bit of advice and guidance to keep you on track)

One off mentoring conversation: 1 hour by Skype/face to face at our offices, plus reviewing any documentation before and after the session: £125 + VAT

6 x monthly mentoring 1 hour sessions, with unlimited reviewing of documentation £695 + VAT

Charlie Warshawski, with colleagues, is well placed to run The Sustainable Coach for you.

  • Coaching for 15 years
  • Has built a successful coaching business in a tough to enter sector (education)
  • Has researched the coach business growth market, and knows what works, and what doesn’t
  • Is supported by other successful coaches, and draws on their insights and experiences

Charlie has shared all that he has learnt through the years of growing a coaching business, as well as sharing all the documentations, templates, lists of contacts and other useful material. this will add value and give you the edge to be able to have the best chance of making your business sustainable

Read our Sustainable Coach FAQs


Practicalities and next steps

It is free to register for this programme. Download the brochure here, and when you are ready, send an email to saying “The sustainable coach – I’m in!” And we’ll do the rest

But, before you do, we suggest that you:

  • Make sure that you have some diary time each week to review the documentation and do the exercises
  • Encourage a fellow coach to sign up for the programme and then you can do some of the activities together

If you want to find out more about growing your coaching business and want to have a chat about it, then book in time for a call with Charlie – follow the link on the contact us page for his availability

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