FAQs Creating a coaching culture in your organisation

What are your overall goals from the programme?

As it is your organisation and your consultancy programme, we aim to follow your agenda. It is our aim to help you create a coaching culture that is useful, manageable and that has impact

How much time is needed for this work?

Unlike with most coaching, we do most of the work! We’ll be speaking with you and colleagues, collating surveys, interviewing people and establishing what you’re doing well, and what areas of improvement are needed, to be able to create a coaching culture in your organisation

What outputs will we expect?

We present our findings in several ways:

  • A written report with detailed recommendations
  • A face to face meeting with relevant stakeholders, to explain our assessment

What happens after the report is presented?

That’s up to you. If the changes to be made are all manageable from within the organisation, then you’ll draw up a timeline for change and a way of measuring success.

If further support is needs to make the changes, we can help by providing the support or by signposting where the support can be drawn from

What happens if I am the only coach in the organisation?

Some organisations are very new to coaching, and don’t have a clear understanding of what it is. Before bringing us in, it’s worthwhile showing a few key people how coaching works and what people can get from it. We suggest that you do some coaching, on an optional basis, and generate a fan base! Then others will start to be interested and will be ready to talk with us

Do you have any case studies on the benefit of coaching in the workplace?

There are extensive case studies available which we are happy to share. Often organisations shy away from case studies as they haven’t worked out how to measure the benefits of coaching. We have good systems for doing this, so that we can be clear on what the organisation will obtain by engaging in the coaching process

How do we measure success for the programme?

The initial stage is about getting a plan together that the organisation is happy with. Part of the plan will include criteria for measuring success. For some organisations, it is a commercial figure, for others it is about employee engagement, and for yet others it is about changes in organisational structures. In each case we map out a minimum benefit and an ideal benefit, to give you and us a range to work from