Coach training and ILM coaching qualifications

A range of programme for new and advanced coaches

Explaining our coach training programmes

It’s a minefield, trying to work out which coaching qualification to do. So many providers, so many qualifications, and it all is a bit salesy!

Cut through the complexity by reading our blog – selecting the right coaching qualification for you.

What are the essentials of good coach training programmes?

This is what we offer with all of our coach training.

I have studied with LYC for two qualifications – my ILM L7 and my coaching supervision qualification. The depth of knowledge that Charlie and the team shows is truly impressive. There is clarity in what they believe in, very strong teaching and training methods, and they are thorough and very supportive in all the assignment tutoring and support. They have helped me to become the coach and supervisor that I’m developing into.

Carol Bailey

The Wellbeing Collective

Our ILM coaching qualifications

We are an Institute of Leadership and Management centre, and all of our qualifications earn you an ILM certificate, diploma or award.

We offer ILM qualifications. They fit with the needs of our learners to have a robust process. They also have the flexibility to offer coach training content that we know to be relevant and useful. They are not prescriptive in what should be taught.

National Recognition

It is a nationally recognised and well respected body, in both public and private sectors.

Coaching Opportunities

Holding the qualification gives you access to extensive coaching opportunities, such as approved coach lists, or directories of coaches for the NHS and other bodies.


You have the reassurance that your coaching has been reviewed and assessed as being at the highest level.

Who comes on our programmes?

This is one of the first questions people ask when they call to enquire about our courses. One of the concerns is that their fellow participants will be too high powered, or perhaps not serious enough.

We get a really healthy balance of people, who are definitely open for professional development, but without that competitive edge!

Typical job roles include:

Here are a few profiles of some of our course participants

Mark Penney

Headmaster, Solihull Prep School

“I trained as a L7 Executive Coach because I wanted to learn how I can best support others in the areas they want to make progress with.

Coaching teaches you to talk less, tame your advice-giving instincts and to tune in to the deeper emotions being shared. You also learn to listen intently and to ask questions that bring clarity. The benefits of qualifying as a coach extend well beyond the coaching sessions themselves and into many other areas of professional and personal engagement.”

Isabel Odlin

Chief People Person, Hub Digital

“Coach training was something I thought about a lot for several years before embarking on Love Your Coaching’s ILM Level 7 Executive coaching qualification training course. I knew that coaching was something I was extremely interested in and I did a lot of research around the courses and qualifications that are available. I ultimately chose the Love Your Coaching offering because I had met Charlie previously and he kindly spent time with me talking about what I was looking for and why. The ILM qualification seemed exactly right for what I wanted. I wanted a coaching qualification because I believe that coaching has an important place in business and people management and I wanted to learn how to apply it in my role as HR Director.”

a range of study options for you

Open, public programmes. Many of our courses are public programmes, and you can book on as an individual.

In-company programmes. All of our programmes are available to be delivered in-company for small groups of your team members or leaders.

Face-to-face. Fewer than pre-2020, but we still have the possibility of offering in person courses, in classroom or on your premises.

Webinars. Our preferred option. Half day sessions, covering the same material as the face to face version. No travel time, no hotels, no environmental costs. And still finishing the course as high quality coaches!

ILM 3 certificate in workplace coaching

Suitable for first line managers and those new to coaching.

ILM 5 in effective coaching

Suitable for senior or experienced colleagues, even if they have limited coaching experience.

ILM 7 certificate in coaching for executives

Suitable for people who have some coaching experience and who are ready to push on to an advanced level.

ILM approved certificate in career coaching

For those who are considering a career change and who want to work as a career coach.