Why head teachers deserve regular coaching


New head teachers find themselves at an exciting moment in their careers. In some ways it feels like the pinnacle of many years of hard work. In other ways it feels like the start of something new, fresh, challenging and rewarding.  Ask any prospective head at interview: “do you feel ready to take on the […]

How school leaders use coaching

Head teachers and other school leaders are increasingly turning to coaching as a favoured approach for professional and personal development. This hasn’t been an overnight change – things often aren’t like that in schools! It has gradually emerged over the last 15 years or so. A recent survey by one of the head teacher unions […]

Personal development in schools


Our schools are learning environments for all – not just for students. A typical school year will see students in class for over 1100 hours. By contrast, teachers are expected to focus on their own learning for between 20 and 30 hours a year – roughly half an hour a week. The contrast between these […]