The risks of being too directive as a leader


Managers who choose a coaching style instead of a directive one are likely to get better results with their team members, and avoid the risk of their disengagement. Here’s how:

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring

Coaching in its present form has been with us since the 1970s. Mentoring has been with us in one form or another since the time of the Greek empire. So why can many people still not explain the fundamental differences between these two skills? We’ll explore what are the obstacles to being clear on the […]

Why head teachers deserve regular coaching


New head teachers find themselves at an exciting moment in their careers. In some ways it feels like the pinnacle of many years of hard work. In other ways it feels like the start of something new, fresh, challenging and rewarding.  Ask any prospective head at interview: “do you feel ready to take on the […]

Coaching models


People often ask me which coaching models I use, and which ones I teach. The answer I give is always the same. Ones that encourage deep thinking and sustainable change, driven by the coachee.  I wonder why people do ask this question. Sometimes it is to have the reassurance that a recognised model is being […]

Is the ILM Level 5 the right qualification for me?

Working out the right qualification for any new activity is difficult. After we decide we want to learn the new “thing”, we then have to look at all the possibilities for learning it. Do we need a qualification? And if so, which is the best one? Do I have the time for it? How to […]

How school leaders use coaching

Head teachers and other school leaders are increasingly turning to coaching as a favoured approach for professional and personal development. This hasn’t been an overnight change – things often aren’t like that in schools! It has gradually emerged over the last 15 years or so. A recent survey by one of the head teacher unions […]

A sustainable coaching business: How to do it?


Once you know how to coach, it’s easy to set up a successful coaching business. Right? No!  Of the thousands of people who train and qualify as coaches, only a small proportion go on to turn their skills into a sustainable form of income. Others struggle or give up and return to their day jobs.  […]

Which coaching qualification to choose? It’s a minefield….

There are many wonderful, helpful and powerful coaching qualifications that we can take….. and a few turkeys too! This blog navigates maps out the do’s and don’ts of coaching qualifications, to make sure that you choose the one that serves you best Firstly, it’s important to decide the reason for choosing a qualification. It’s likely […]

The benefits of ILM coaching qualifications


What are the benefits of the ILM coaching qualifications? As you will have seen from our last blog on this topic, there are many ways to qualify as a coach. So why do we advocate the ILM coaching qualification as the best approach for both new and experienced coaches? Let’s explore this here… Other coaching qualifications have too […]

Online coach training courses – benefits and risks


Online training has caught on so much over the last 15 years. It has, apparently, many benefits that make it a viable alternative to classroom-based training. Let us consider, specifically for online coaching training courses, to see whether this is the best route for coaches in training to follow.  To be clear, I am referring to self-study online learning, i.e. being […]