Is your organisation “coaching ready”?


Before introducing a coaching programme in your organisation, it’s a good idea to review the culture. If an organisation is open, people are prepared to be vulnerable and to admit their weaknesses, then coaching normally works well. Let’s see some examples of what works well, and less well to help an organisation become coaching ready

Risks of coaching in organisations


The best way to make an initiative fail – ignore the potential risks! When coaching is introduced to organisations, there are risks. Let’s not ignore them but let’s be informed. Knowing the potential risks gives us the best chance of avoiding them!

Coach or mentor? Ask or advise?

The #1 hot topic for many coaches is “should I give advice, or hold back?” Although we haven’t seen full blown fist fights – after all we are coaches – we have seen plenty of heated discussions about it. We have a strong view at LYC – advice is off the table save for emergencies.

Use coaching for the feedback loop 

Managers who choose a coaching style instead of a directive one are likely to get better results with their team members, and avoid the risk of their disengagement. Here’s how: