Our training team

At Love Your Coaching, we have brought together a high-quality team of trainers. All the team have the following attributes:

  • They have all trained to ILM level 7 standard in coaching with us, and they use coaching regularly
  • They are all experienced trainers, and practice the most up to date, participative and inclusive approach to training
  • They also all have a day job, a professional qualification and great credibility in their sectors, that serves them well to keep their coaching practical and useful
  • All abides by the codes of conduct of the International Coach Federation
  • And of course, they all coach very well!

Charlie Warshawski

Charlie is the founder of Love Your Coaching and is responsible for managing the team of coach trainers. He is an education leadership coach and trainer, specialising in supporting organisational, team and individual change.

He offers 15 years of coaching and training experience, with a background that sans the education, voluntary and commercial sectors. He has worked and lived in the UK, Europe and South America.

Individuals and organisations create sustainable change as a result of his rigorous processes, respectful challenges and empathetic support.

Charlie specialises in coaching school leaders, as this is the area, he has most impact, affinity and understanding of their needs. His style is gentle, structured with some respectful challenge if that is what the coachee is looking for!

His coaching qualifications include the International Coach Federation’s PCC award, which represents 750 hours of coaching experience


I find coaching from Charlie very thought provoking, helping me to reflect on how I work with colleagues. It has helped me pull our leadership team together in a strong, cohesive way
Barbara Abbey, head teacher, Gorringe Park
He is well informed by an enormous repertoire of research within and around the subject/s and can be relied upon to provide thought provoking bespoke sessions to small and large groups
Julie Robinson, General Secretary, Independent Schools Council

Beatrice Caldwell

With an established professional career in learning and development for over 16 years, Beatrice’s coaching practice is aimed at developing leadership talent, enabling personal growth and offering insight for individuals who are committed to developing their career and personal aspirations.

Beatrice’s coaching offers opportunities for clients to cultivate their own thinking, raise self-awareness, identify choices, reflect and act on how best to achieve their goals. During her coaching programmes, she encourages people to unlock self-imposed rules, to take risks and to challenge themselves, to uncover their potential through a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental programme.

Beatrice is an MBTI (Myers Briggs) practitioner and an Action Learning Coach, and also a Parent Gym Coach

Her skill at connecting with me as an individual makes working with her a joy and something which is hugely beneficial. The sense of relief, realisation and empowerment is something I get from my coaching conversations with Beatrice
Leanne Mills

Suzanne Cave

Suzanne is a performance coach. Having worked as an actor and a communications trainer she draws from techniques acquired in both these areas. Her style is responsive and compassionate, driven to ‘understanding you’.

She has designed and delivered events in 1:1 and group situations. With work spanning The Treasury to non-profits Suzanne co-facilitates on leadership and diversity programmes across the globe. She also is a specialist in training on personal impact and public speaking

She is a regular member of an organisation focusing on the excavation and telling of personal stories. Suzanne is a certified NLP practitioner, an accredited I.L.M. Level 7 Executive Coach and a regular volunteer with a number of organisations such as Parent Gym and the children’s charity Scene & Heard.

Working with Suze has brought untold clarity to a cluttered mind. Her attentive style, insightful questions and approachable manner have helped me to explore numerous barriers holding me back. She gives you the space to reflect and to consider all of your options, and has the quickness to pull out of you what needs to be addressed. It has without question helped me achieve more and do better.
James Cook, Next Level CPI

Sarah Thornton

Sarah is a personal and career coach and also an experienced and qualified trainer, able to write and deliver bespoke and accredited training sessions.

Sarah has over 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry including senior management and over 10 years’ experience in adult education, as a lecturer and assessor. Sarah also worked for 9 years in Walt Disney Television as a compliance consultant. A diverse background, with a strong understanding of large brands.

As well as a coaching practice working with all ages and from all walks of life, Sarah is involved with Life Clubs, providing self-development workshops in the community, and Hestia, providing mental health support. She also facilitates a co-coaching forum for the Association for Coaches.

Sarah’s aim is to provide a comfortable, safe space for individuals to explore different ways to be their truest/most authentic self. To bring to light self-awareness; so that goals and dreams can become a reality.

Having time to reflect and think through what was going on in my life was incredibly helpful. Sarah was patient and gave me time to work through my thoughts, asking probing questions to make me think about strategies and resolutions
Denise Charles, Head of curriculum, London Borough of Ealing

Julian Chaloner

Julian is a communication skills coach and trainer, specializing in developing personal and professional impact.

With over fifteen years of experience as a business coach, facilitator and trainer, he has extensive experience delivering leadership programmes with a focus on highly effective communication.

Julian’s aim is to maximize the professional potential of every coaching client he spends time with and he does this by building on what is already working well for them and by helping unblock what is not. Clients can expect to get outcomes that are tangible, with plans of action, strategy and next steps, whilst feeling encouraged and supported within a safe, professional environment.

Julian has amassed considerable experience of one to one coaching with senior leaders, from a diverse range of business organisations and global locations.

Julian is an exceptional listener and is clearly a skilled coach. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality business coach
Rachel Harvey, Lead consultant

Peter Hopkinson

A specialist in education, providing high quality coaching at all levels. Peter has over 30 years’ experience in education, 17 as a head including at an IAPS school, leading schools through positive transformation. His success is down to a supportive approach, underpinned by highly developed levels of emotional intelligence.

I would thoroughly recommend Peter as a teacher, coach, mentor and consultant. He is a highly experienced educationalist with a forward thinking, innovative approach to driving forward change in the sector.
Tony Shrubsall, Unloc

Sue Webb

As a headteacher of an outstanding school, Sue spent five years growing individuals and teams, managing significant change, developing a values-based organisation and achieving excellent outcomes for all stakeholders.

Sue specializes in coaching leaders and other staff who play significant roles within schools. She focuses explicitly on what is at the core of the individual, team or organisation – supporting people to discover what is driving them forwards, what their motivators are – and what is holding their growth back.

Any headship comes with its challenges and this year there seem to have been more than ever. As head of an independent school in London, I found the leadership coaching from Sue to be an incredibly supportive, illuminating, and inspirational process. It is no exaggeration to say that Sue got me through some dark days during lockdown when the children were being taught remotely and getting them back into school was uncertain. Sue is a superb coach and truly transformational!

Philippa Cawthorne - Headmistress, Bassett House School