About us

Impact, sustainability and accessibility – how we help coaching to be used to benefit individuals and organisations

Who are we?

Love Your Coaching is led by Charlie Warshawski, a coach and coach trainer with over 15 years’ experience, plus a network of associate coaches, all of who have trained with us as ILM level 7 coaches.

All of our coaches are members of one of the main UK coaching governing bodies, and as such adhere to their codes of conduct and ethics, both when coaching and training.

Why is now the time right for coaching?

There are so many demands on the modern professional:

  • Increasing expectations from employers and managers
  • Competitive industries
  • Overwork and burnout
  • Information overwhelm…

It’s hard to know how to manage at times. Since coaching made the transition from the sports arena to the world of work, it has proved to be highly effective in helping with these and many other issues

The coaching industry is reaching maturity. And coaching is seen as an important skill and an asset for the world of work

And senior managers are increasingly expected to have coaching skills, and possibly a coaching qualification

In many industries, people who learn to coach well are the people who make the greatest strides forward!

Why “Love Your Coaching”

Coaching is a skill… and is also a vocation. We want people to love their own coaching

  • If a coach loves their coaching, they invest in becoming very good at it, and provide great coaching for others
  • If a coachee loves their coaching, they get great benefits out of being coached, and go from strength to strength
  • And if an organisation loves their coaching, they put in place the systems so that everyone gets access to high quality coaching

The people who take our qualifications and invite us to help design their coaching strategy are enthusiastic for coaching as they have seen the benefits that it gives

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Our values and what they mean to you

Our overall focus in offering our services is:


To develop people into high
quality coaches


To give people the opportunities
to use and continually improve
their coaching skills


To ensure there is a return
on investment for learning
to be a coach

We have three values that are at the centre of all our activities:


Taking care of you

Providing support, encouragement and high-quality service throughout your learning experience


Taking care of the stuff

Understanding exactly what is needed to be successful in our programmes, and providing the best resources to support you


Nourishing your growth

Learning to coach and to use coaching is always a stretch, and a challenge. We accompany you in the stretch, helping you to see and obtain the benefits from coaching

Our approach to coach training, and to coaching

We take the view that practical is best, and that practice helps to develop high quality skills.

Our coach training and other programmes focus on the skills that are needed for excelling.

Coaching is a combination of micro skills (questions, listening, pausing) combined with a useful structure, and a focus on the needs of the coachee.

In our training, you’ll learn how to develop the skills, by practising, observing, receiving feedback, and continually improving.

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I chose to develop my coaching skills because I had been coached and saw the benefits. It was a tough course, but l learnt a lot and am now coaching well, and regularly. Colleagues comment on how different conversations with me are, and I have coached a number of people who are developing their leadership careers. The tools I’ve learned allow the conversations to flow smoothly, and pretty well always there is a good outcome for the coachee. Coaching is definitely my tool of choice to use these days
Lyndon Evans, Head Teacher, Wheatfield School
Charlie recently supported me in obtaining my Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring through Love Your Coaching. Charlie is a fantastic coach and trainer and was an incredible support over the last few months. I really valued his input and feedback on my own coaching and more so his coaching of me! His passion for coaching is clear and it’s easy to engage with him thanks to his supportive, guiding and committed approach. I really enjoyed the time working towards my qualification and will be forever grateful to Charlie for all of his support.
Claire Grant, HR Business Partner, Eurostar