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Coaching training and qualifications

Unlock the benefits of coaching for you, your organisation, your career….

Looking to gain advanced coaching skills AND credibility?
Want to take the next step and turn your coaching skills into a successful business?
Ready to create a coaching culture in your organisation to maximise the impact of your people?

You may be a senior leader in an organisation, a school leader, a freelance coach, an HR specialist.

Many of your colleagues and peers are becoming coaches too.

Is now the time to become an accredited coach?

Coaching transforms organisational cultures, encourages independence and responsibility, and supports entrepreneurial dreams

Making coaching work for you

At Love Your Coaching, we work with individuals and organisations, using coaching as a powerful tool for change.

Whether you learn to be an advanced level coach, start your coaching business or create a coaching culture in your organisation, the benefits of engaging in coaching are significant.

Business and education leaders, and freelance coaches come to us to maximise how they use coaching. They are looking for impact, sustainability and accessibility.

We respond to their needs by offering coaching qualifications, and support to create successful coaching cultures and businesses

What is coaching?

At its simplest level, coaching is a conversation between two people (coach and coachee), to help the coachee understand and take charge of possible actions.

  • Future focused
  • Working on next steps
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Understanding ourselves better


Make time for coaching

When was the last time that you had a conversation that was 100% focussed on you?

When was the last time someone just listened to you fully, didn’t have their own agenda to follow, or advice to give?

When was the last time that you finished a conversation with a clear plan, a set of actions, a renewed determination?

People who have been coaching will answer the above questions with “during my last coaching session!

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Why is mentoring still being confused with coaching?

Why a coaching qualification?

There are over 10,000 people in the UK who market themselves as coaches, and many more who say “coach” on their CVs. Some have qualifications – plenty don’t!

Give yourself a head start on others by choosing a qualification that offers:

  • Credibility within both the coaching community and the business sector
  • Reassurance that you are learning high quality, accessible coaching skills
  • The opportunity to continue to develop your coaching skills for the long term

We choose to use the Institute of Leadership and Management for our coaching qualifications, as they have industry -wide credibility, and allow us to deliver high-quality coaching training


ILM approved


Personalised learning


1,400+ successful
coachees trained


Trusted by leaders
in all sectors

Success stories and testimonials

Learn more about how we have helped others
I chose to develop my coaching skills because I had been coached and saw the benefits. It was a tough course, but l learnt a lot and am now coaching well, and regularly. Colleagues comment on how different conversations with me are, and I have coached a number of people who are developing their leadership careers. The tools I’ve learned allow the conversations to flow smoothly, and pretty well always there is a good outcome for the coachee. Coaching is definitely my tool of choice to use these days
Lyndon Evans, Head Teacher, Wheatfield School
Charlie recently supported me in obtaining my Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring through Love Your Coaching. Charlie is a fantastic coach and trainer and was an incredible support over the last few months. I really valued his input and feedback on my own coaching and more so his coaching of me! His passion for coaching is clear and it’s easy to engage with him thanks to his supportive, guiding and committed approach. I really enjoyed the time working towards my qualification and will be forever grateful to Charlie for all of his support.
Claire Grant, HR Business Partner, Eurostar

We work with numerous well respected businesses in the UK and internationally:

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